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Nature gives functional o achieve the well-being and balance of our body. We have developed totally natural and effective products without the need to alter the formulations with synthetic additives.
This is possible only through the respect for the patient rhythms of Nature, seasonality and in-depth knowledge of plant phytocomplexes.

The choise of ingredients

We only use raw materials of natural origin, which are safe and controlled, because we believe in the importance of rediscovering the connection with Nature.

The herbs we use in our formulations come from different parts of the world, so they are always in season. We believe that only by respecting the rhythms and seasonal cycles of Nature, it can express itself in all its strength.

Research and development

Formulations developed wisely, thanks to a culture rooted in ancient herbal techniques.

Plants have no voice but they have heart. Each has its own nature, its own character, its own memories.

In order to create effective formulations, it is necessary to observe and understand the personality and history of each plant. Only those who are the custodians of an ancient profession such as that of the herbalist are able to understand how they communicate with each other to combine them and obtain a unique and truly effective finished product from their union.

Not only respect for vegetables, but also attention to the other components of the formula: in our recipes we only use vitalized spring water, which we take directly from the source in order to maintain its properties unaltered.

Production techniques

The selection of raw materials is carried out as in the past. To obtain the quality we want, we need the sensitivity of people who observe, touch, smell the plants, in order to choose only the best. An ancient knowledge that is now rare, which is combined with cutting-edge technologies in the subsequent production stages

In fact, it is precisely innovation that guides the extraction of active ingredients, through a language based on ultrasound frequencies. We use special technologies which, by exploiting the mechanical action of sound waves on plant walls, allow us to extrapolate the pure active ingredient from the raw material while maintaining its integrity.

Only by knowing the mechanisms that govern plant physiology can we exploit and optimize new technologies, combining past and future in a unique and indestructible path.

Through the use of ancient herbal techniques, combined with innovative production methods, we link past and future in a unique path.

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