Delivery methods: with BRT stocks to a minimum!

We work with BRT to ensure that your shipment is efficient, convenient and fast.

1 Phases

After completing the order, your shipment will be taken over by BRT, which will make two delivery attempts: the second will take place the day after the first.

2 Phases

If after two attempts, the customer is not at home, BRT will contact him by phone to fix the delivery day. If the buyer does not respond, then the package goes to the stock revision status.

3 Phases

Within 5 calendar days, the customer can:

  • Collect the parcel from storage;
  • Collect the package at a BRT office.

People’s habits have changed: we try to offer you a service suited to our times

4 Phases

Work, free time often means that people are not at home. This must no longer be an obstacle! With its 5,000 pickup points (Fermo Point) it is possible to order a Solo Natura product and have it shipped to one of the Pickup points made available by BRT. They can be newsagents, shops, tobacconists and much more. The customer has 10 days to collect his package.

Convenient, safe and totally in line with the needs of each consumer.

Find the pickup point closest to your home.

Do you need help? Contacting BRT has never been easier

By providing your telephone number while placing the order, the systems owned by BRT recognize the customer in case he need to call for assistance. An intuitive and streamlined mode, which avoids the customer from infinite premises.

YOU CAN CALL THE BRANCH DIRECTLY, a consultant will answer you as soon as possible.

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